Flap Steak Wagyu 500gr

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Flap Steak Wagyu 

Coming from the same part of flank steak, abdominal muscles.
It was a wonderful meat flavor and fine texture. Is one of our favorites.

500gr Vacuum packed
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Wagyu is the union of the words “wa” Japan and “ gyu” cattle, Japanese cow.
Excellent tenderness and juiciness. They are identified by their intense marbling on a scale of 2 to 12, being 12 the highest grade. It contains a high percentage of oleic acids, and polyunsaturates, beneficial for the organism.

Origin: Lampung, south Sumatra (Indonesia)

Cooking tips:

Take it out the steak from the vacuum-packing.

Temper the meat one hour before the grill.

Grill quick to keep this medium rare, don’t overcook.

Resting the steak for 10 minutes once cooked.

Slice diagonally, against the grain, perpendicular to the long lines of muscle.

Grill again with high heat for 5 seconds on each side.

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1kg, 500gr



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